Hot Water Heater

Hot water heater elements are used for heating liquids in tanks or vessels. These elements are designed to be immersed in liquid by bolt-in or screw-type, and transfer heat at a rapid rate, enabling quick heat up times. Typical uses include the food and beverage industry, homes, laboratory clinics and others.

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GW VR54 & 55 Screw-In Heaters

These Nickel Alloy Sheath – (Incoloy) High Power Series for Use in Water Heating Or Steam Boilers.
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GW - SG Immersion Heaters

GW - SG elements are used as original equipment by all tank manufacturers. The elements are copper-sheathed, completely tinned to minimize galvanic action in glass-lined, galvanized or stone-lined tanks. Both high and low watts density are available. Gasket in included.
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Backer Hot Water Heaters

Backers immersion heater is designed for commercial and industrial water heating process, which come safety thermostat.
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TW Bolt-On Water Heater

These Incoloy 800 Sheathed Heaters for most Australia & New Zealand made hot-water heaters. Corrosion resistance sheathed elements, eliminated most plated and Un-plated copper type of Bolt-on elements.
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