Ceramic Pad Heaters and Components

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REACH Ceramic Pad Heater

Flexible ceramic pad heaters are constructed of interlocking sintered alumina ceramic beads which insulate stranded nickel-chrome wire. This durable construction forms a flexible mat of considerable mechanical strength. They can be used up to 2050°F (1121°C) and are supplied with insulated leads with male welder terminations.
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Multi-Stranded NiCr80/20% Wires

Nichrome Wire 80/20 - A Resistance Alloy used in electrical heating application. It is recommended for use in dry air applications up to 1150°C (2100°F) with good hot strength.
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Alumina Beads and Connectors

These special sintered alumina ceramic beads can be used for pre and post-heaters of welding applications because of its excellent heat resistance. Nickel 212 cold tail wire (tigged) with 60/300 Amp twistlocks male plug & female socket complete. Panel mounted female 60/300 Amp camlock (Black) are also available.
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