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ELSTEIN - TRD 1 Electronic Temperature Controllers

The TRD 1 electronic temperature controllers analyse the signal of the thermocouple being integrated in each thermocouple heater. The TRD 1 temperature controllers operate as quasi-continuous controllers and their factory settings are specially matched to the controlled process performance of Elstein Infrared Systems, so that practically no temperature fluctuations occur.
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ELSTEIN - TSE Thyristor

The TSE thyristor switching units are used to switch the load circuits (infrared heaters) and are available in two power stages:
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ELSTEIN - PST Fuse Holders

The fuse holders can be clipped onto 35-mm standard rails and make a disconnection from the voltage possible according to the technical rules for safety. When changing the fuses, the front lever only has to be pressed down to expose the fuse shaft
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Elstein EBO housings consist of an anodised, extruded aluminium section with an H-like cross-section, on which an aluminium capping section and two aluminium die cast end pieces are fitted.
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ELSTEIN - MBO Mounting Sheets

Elstein MBO mounting sheets are designed for holding and fixing Elstein ceramic infrared heaters, which are equipped with the Elstein-standard socket.
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ELSTEIN - REO Reflectors Series

Elstein REO/250 and REO/125 reflectors are used to hold and fix the FSR, HFS/1, HSR/1, HTS/1, SHTS/1, and FSR/2, HFS/2, HSR/2, HTS/2 and SHTS/2 ceramic infrared heaters, and to reflect the IR radiation in the direction of the material to be heated.
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ELSTEIN - MPO Mounting Profiles Series

Elstein MPO mounting profiles are made from stainless steel and are used to hold and fix HLS and IRS series heaters.
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ELSTEIN - MTO Mounting Carrier

Elstein SHTS/100 Super High Temperature Heaters are available with the Elstein standard socket for the mechanical fixing and can therefore be fixed as heating panels with a section sheet to be made on site.
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ELSTEIN - Rail Wiring

If for the electrical connection of heater constructions a rail wiring is planned, Elstein VA-Rail Wiring is available.
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ELSTEIN - Fastening Bracket Set

All ceramic infrared heaters, which have a standard Elstein socket are fixed to the reflector or mounting sheet with the help of the mounting set.
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ELSTEIN - THI Thermoinsulator

The Elstein Thermoinsulator THI is a biocompatible, thermically high insulating material made from silicon oxide, which is provided for additional insulation on the back side of heaters.
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