ISOPAD - Heating Cables and Tapes

heating cables and tapes are one of the most versatile product lines in the Isopad range. Available in a vast array of technologies, the Isopad range is surpassed by none.

Isopad offers a variety of heating tapes and cables to give fast and efficient direct contact heating. They are suitable for a wide range of applications from simple frost or condensation protection through to process requirements up to 1000°C.

Where space is tight, heating tapes are the perfect solution, allowing high temperatures to be reached quickly and maintained on pipelines, containers and other irregular shapes. In addition pre-terminated tapes are available in a variety of popular lengths, ready to install and easy to use requiring no special skills or tools.

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ISOPAD - FG200 Flexible Heating Cable

Constant Wattage Parallel Circuit Heating Cable for ordinary area use.
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ISOPAD – FG220 Flexible Heating Cable

FG220 is a parallel circuit, medium powered constant output tracer that can be cut to any length.
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ISOPAD - IT-ACM Anti-Condensation Heating Tape (155°C)

Isopad IT-ACM heating tape is specifically designed in conjunction with major motor manufacturers to prevent condensation within rotating electrical equipment, such as electric motors, generators, and even large shipboard alternators.
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ISOPAD - IT-GW27 Silicone Heating Tape (200°C)

Isopad IT-GW 27 is a factory-terminated heating tape constructed from a PTFE electrical insulated resistant wire extruded in silicone rubber
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ISOPAD - IT-SiS10 Silicone Heating Tape (200°C)

Isopad IT-SiS10 is a preterminated, lexible, and waterproof silicone insulated heating tape of the highest quality.
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ISOPAD - IT-KDL Silicone Drain-Line Heating Cable (220ºC)

Isopad IT-KDL heating cables are specifically designed for internal and external heating of refrigeration drain-lines and freezer doors.
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ISOPAD - IS-KTeS PTFE Heating Cable (260°C)

Isopad IS-KTeS is a preterminated PTFE insulated heating cable suitable for use where no excessive mechanical loads are expected and moisture may be present.
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ISOPAD - IT-TeMS PTFE Heating Cable (260°C)

Isopad IT-TeMS is a preterminated and flexible heating tape. IT-TeMS 2 is used in applications ranging from simple frost protection to temperature maintenance on short pipework and apparatus as well as for general container heating applications.
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ISOPAD - IT-ITW/SS PTFE Insulated Heating Tape (260°C)

Isopad IT-ITW/SS preterminated resistance heating tape is specially designed for application in temperatures up to 200°C. The temperature depends on the power and usage. Please make sure that the heating tape does not exceed the maximum withstand temperature.
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ISOPAD - IT-ITW/SS-M PTFE Insulated Heating Tape (260ºC)

Isopad IT-ITW/SS-M is a factory-terminated heating tape having a go-and-return series-resistance heating element
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ISOPAD - IS-SP Glass Silk Heating Cord (450°C)

Isopad IS-SP is a preterminated, very flexible heating cord consisting of a glass silk insulated, flexible fabric weave with interior heating conductors. IS-SP-H is a higher temperature variant and SP-V is made with a central core to the spiral heating element.
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ISOPAD - IT-ITH Glassfibre Insulated Heating Tape (450°C)

Isopad IT-ITH is a factory-terminated heating tape with go-and-return series resistance heating elements. They are suitable for high temperature applications in indoor locations or areas where there is no risk of moisture ingress.
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ISOPAD - IT-S20 Glass Silk Heating Tape (450°C)

Isopad IT-S20 is a preterminated, flexible heating tape with a copper-tinned outer braiding serving as a protective earth braid. The temperature depends on the power and application.
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ISOPAD - IT-G25 Glass Silk Heating Cable (450°C)

Isopad IT-G25 type is a factory-terminated heating tape constructed from resistance foil or wire heating elements.
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ISOPAD - IT-H Quartz Glass Insulated Heating Tape (900°C)

Isopad IT-H heating tape is suitable where high power input is needed or where work has to be carried out at high temperatures.
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ISOPAD - IT-CCH Crankcase Heating Cable (120ºC)

Isopad IT-CCH crankcase heating cables are designed to prevent motor damage and maintain efficiency by minimizing refrigerant gas absorption into the compressor oil.
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