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HOTTEMP Thermocouple Type HTC5
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HOTTEMP Thermocouple Type HTC5

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The high temperature and high pressure thermocouple is suitable in use with temperature measurement in field with high temperature and pressure such as refinery, high pressure polyethylene or marine exhaust gas temperature measurement. These units feature large 8 gauge or 14 gauge thermocouple elements of type J or type K with ceramic insulators and housed in protection tubes that typically have a wall thickness of schedule 40 or schedule 80. The protection tube can be made of various stainless steels or nickel alloys depending on the specific application service requirements. Termination of the protection tube assembly is typically a cast iron or cast aluminum screw cover head for enclosure of the thermocouple connections. The thermocouple element can be changed through removal of the terminal block while the assembly is still in service. The protection tube is usually mounted in the application with a fixed bushing or flange mounted to the tube.