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Raychem - XTV Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cables (120°C)
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Raychem - XTV Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cables (120°C)

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Trace heating cables for pipe freeze protection or process temperature maintenance up to 121°C

The Raychem XTV range of parallel, self-regulating trace heating cables is mainly used for freeze protection of pipes and vessels that require steam cleaning. They can also be used to maintain processes up to 121°C (250°F). These heating cables can withstand temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and have a fluoropolymer outer jacket offering a high chemical resistance.

  • 4XTV (12 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 8XTV (25 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 12XTV (38 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 15XTV (47 W/m @ 10°C)
  • 20XTV (63 W/m @ 10°C)

Key benefits:

  • Simplified design in hazardous area
    • through unconditional temperature classification as specified by European norm EN60079-30-1 (no requirement for sheath temperature calculations/controls)
    • longer circuit lengths due to bigger cross-section of conductors (2,3 mm2)
  • Fast and easy to install
    • Flexible and easy to strip due to their unique fiber construction
    • multiple overlaps at valves, flanges and on complex piping
    • cut-to-length
    • user-friendly connection kits
    • meter markings on outer jacket
  • Safe, reliable and efficient in operation
    • no risk of overheating even when crossed
    • high power output at high maintain temperature
    • uniform pipe temperatures and energy savings resulting from the self-regulating technology (Further energy savings can be made with various control and monitoring systems)