ELSTEIN - IRS/330 Rod Ceramic Infrared HeaterHotplate Square Shape (400x400)

Raychem - T2Reflecta
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Raychem - T2Reflecta

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T2Reflecta-Pack 1m² mat
- 3pcs of T2Reflecta-plates (720mm x 400mm)
- 2pcs of end plates (100mm x 400mm) for 0.944m²

T2Reflecta-Pack 3m² mat
- 10pcs of T2Reflecta-plates (720mm x 400mm)
- 6pcs of ends plate (100mm x 400mm) for 3.12m²

T2Reflecta-end plate-pack
- 6pcs of extra end plates (100mm x 400mm)

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