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BRAID HEAT - Heated Hose
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BRAID HEAT - Heated Hose

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PTFE core with stainless steel metal braid pressure resistant. Heating element PTFE insulated with low specific loading & protected with metal braiding. Insulating with silicon rubber foam with an outer anti-abrasion jacket. Terminal muff in insulating material. Female swivel fitting. Thermocouple or PT100 for the temperature control.

- Braided-Heat heated hose are suitable for outdoor applications
- Operation temperature: Max 210ºC continuous / 250ºC peak
- Available in lengths from 0.5m to 100m without internal joints
- Possibility of length adjustment (shortening of up to 10% of original length)
- Uniform and constant heat throughout the hose length
- Bending radius of 150mm
- Operating voltages available; 110v, 230v & 415v
- Thermal capacity normally 70w/m or 90 w/m (dependent on hose diameter)
- Equipped with PT100 temperature sensor (optional Type J or Type K)
- Warm-up time; 30/40 minutes
- Inner core diameter options; 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12mm (1mm wall thickness)
- Supplied with 2m power and sensor probe leads supplied in protective sleeve
- Sleeve materials and length options available
- External diameter 40mm (45mm for end caps)
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