ISOPAD - IDR, IBDR, IDR-IBDR-CON Drum & Base Heaters (to 300ºC)GW VR54 & 55 Screw-In Heaters

Finned & Unfinned Air Heaters
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Finned & Unfinned Air Heaters

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Finned & Unfinned Elements are the most versatile, dependable and rugged of any heat generation device. These qualities make it an ideal heat source for many applications. Using precision wound 80-20 nickel-chrome wire to deliver an even heat distribution to the element sheath. High purity, grade A magnesium oxide is used as the internal insulation to insure the best thermal transfer and insulation resistance. A variety of electrical terminations, mounting fittings and brackets, along with the wide array of bending options, allow for easy integration into any heating system.

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