ISOPAD – FG220 Flexible Heating CableRaychem - QTVR Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cables (110°C)

ISOPAD - IJ-S, IJ-G, IJ-Q Jacket Heater
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ISOPAD - IJ-S, IJ-G, IJ-Q Jacket Heater

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In our jacket heaters there are three components: a heater, the insulation for that heater, and the carrier for that assembly.

The outer carriers on these versions may be washable. Different shapes are manufactured to customer requirements and many attachment and fixing methods are available. A small number of jacket versions are available with hazardous area approval.

ISOPAD - IJ-S (to 200°C)

ISOPAD - IJ-G (to 450°C)

ISOPAD - IJ-Q (to 900°C)

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